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Newpiont Migration and Business Consulting is registered as a professional immigration and education company, and is a senior member of the association of registered migration agent with Department of Immigration. We have 10 senior registered migration agents, professional consulting experts for immigration and overseas study, professional level 3 interpreters and investment consultants.  





With up to 15 years’ working experience in this industry, we have handled tens of thousands of immigration and overseas study cases, which include different difficult cases. Nowadays, Newpiont Migration and Business Consulting has created its own brand image and achieved high reputations in overseas study and immigration industry. 


Being the mainstay of the industry, Newpiont Migration and Business Consulting is one of the most authoritative and largest immigration companies in Australia. We have ten senior registered migration agents and have thorough study about difficult cases. If your cases unfortunately have been delayed or refused by the Immigration Department, we can help you find out the reasons and get your visa back. Our well-acknowledged philosophy is to exert the utmost effort to fight for our clients’ interests and never give up.

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