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Regardless of the level of immigration assistance you need, Newpoint has a convenient and affordable service to suit your requirements.

Put your Visa application in the hands of our professionals. Using their exhaustive knowledge of Australian immigration law, our Registered Migration Consultant will manage your application from start to finish, with the attention to detail that only experts with years of experience can provide.

The main business of the Newpoint Migration and Education is helping our clients transfer to another school, seek further studies, renew visas and prepare applications of various types of visas and nominations, such as skilled immigration, working visas, employer nomination, family reunion immigration, all kinds of overseas business and investment immigration visas like 188, 132 and second stage for business and investment immigration visa like 890, 892 and 888. We are very experienced in dealing with the Australian Immigration Office to ensure that each application can be processed quickly and efficiently.



Get the professional guidance you need to take charge of your visa application. Our Registered Migration Consultant will make a detailed assessment of your profile and give you step-by-step advice. This service includes a telephone consultation and access to our Online Migration Specialist service. 


Pre-Application Planning
Your advisor will:

•    Determine the requirements and procedure to follow for your particular visa category;
•    Request and review all documentation from you and work with you to prepare all relevant forms;
•    Liaise with any external bodies and inform you of any assessments or tests you must undergo prior to the lodgement of your visa application.

 Visa Application Lodgement
     Your advisor will:

•    Collate and present all of the necessary forms and supporting documentation in the format preferred by DIAC;
•    Prepare a detailed covering letter to support the key strengths of your application;
•    Deliver your application and supporting documentation to the appropriate DIAC office or Australian Diplomatic Mission.

 Monitoring and Decision Notification
     Your advisor will:

•    Closely monitor and inform you of the progress of your application until DIBP reaches a decision; and
•    Notify you immediately of the outcome.

Other Features

•    You can trough online service to communicate with your visa advisor;
•    You can also visit our website and submit your enquires;
•    You are free to follow our official WeChat Platform and website to reach latest immigration news.



Free Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment

Find out if you qualify for a visa to Australia. Results are provided instantly.


Online Migration Specialist

Receive personalised guidance and advice online from our Registered Migration Consultant. Ask any questions you have about your application whenever it suits you, day or night.


Telephone Consultation

Speak directly with a Registered Migration Consultant. They will explain the visa application process, answer your questions, and provide professional advice on your best way forward.


Face to Face Consultation

Talk over your visa application options with a Registered Migration Consultant at our office in Melbourne. They will explain the visa application process, answer your questions, and provide professional advice on your best way forward. Bring in any documentation you have, and our Migration Consultants will check it with you.

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